Middleware '14- Proceedings of the 15th International Middleware Conference

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Tiera: towards flexible multi-tiered cloud storage instances

G-DUR: a middleware for assembling, analyzing, and improving transactional protocols

LVD: lean virtual disks

Trustworthy geographically fenced hybrid clouds

StackSync: bringing elasticity to dropbox-like file synchronization

Slider: incremental sliding window analytics

Fast, expressive top-k matching

HyRec: leveraging browsers for scalable recommenders

Improving MapReduce performance in heterogeneous environments with adaptive task tuning

Thematic event processing

Affinity-aware checkpoint restart

Mutable checkpoint-restart: automating live update for generic server programs

Consensus inside

A framework for the dynamic evolution of highly-available dataflow programs

Building global and scalable systems with atomic multicast

Strong consistency in cache augmented SQL systems

SOUP: an online social network by the people, for the people

SenSocial: a middleware for integrating online social networks and mobile sensing data streams

PLEROMA: a SDN-based high performance publish/subscribe middleware

CrowdWiFi: efficient crowdsensing of roadside WiFi networks

Publish/subscribe network designs for multiplayer games

Stage-aware anomaly detection through tracking log points

Archie: a speculative replicated transactional system

Mitigating interference in cloud services by middleware reconfiguration

CAMP: a cost adaptive multi-queue eviction policy for key-value stores

Stay-Away, protecting sensitive applications from performance interference

Virtual machine consolidation in the wild